Reiki is a simple, safe and natural method of healing. Reiki literally means universal energy, and our sessions will involve harnessing that energy and using it to clear any emotional or physical blockages you may have. This energy can be felt around you every day, if you think about a time you had a negative confrontation with someone you may be able to remember all the tension you felt in the room afterwards.

As our life force is open to energy it is easy for us to pick up negative attachments which can block our chakras. Reiki works closely with our chakras  as they are closely aligned with our mental and physical well being it is important that they are kept clear and they are turning the correct way. The sessions will involve me placing my hands over or on you, allowing the energy to flow through me and into you, aiding the clearing of any blocked chakras.

Everyone’s experience with Reiki will be different, and depending on your needs I may incorporate other elements of my medicine. Some people will feel calm and relaxed during a session, while some have an emotional response. Reiki is safe for anyone of any age and can be used alongside other treatments.

Please get in contact with me for more details.


Chakras are the seven wheels of energy knowledge that forms the connection of the individual.

  1. Root - Red
  2. Sacral - Orange
  3. Solar Plex - Yellow
  4. Heart - Green or Pink
  5. Throat - Blue
  6. Third Eye - Indigo
  7.  Crown - Violet/white