What is Tantra?

Tantra is the connection to one’s self through sacred ceremony allowing the recipients to raise their vibrations by deepening the connections within ourselves, others, and our environment around us.  Tantra is a way of life that encompasses being in a state of pure love at all times so we can experience and  see our connection to the Universe and Mother Earth. 

What is a Dikini and what is there role?

Dakini - Female embodiment of enlightened energy

“We often forget that we are nature.  Nature is not something separate from us.  So, when we say we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves.”

 – Andy Goldsworthy

  How does Tantra Heal?

Tantra ceremonies offer an alternative method of healing for people who are looking to work through sexual traumas, sexual addictions, clearing blocks and  negative energies, and working through negative belief systems of sexuality.  Sexual repression can occur when we suppress past traumas, rejections, betrayals, and a lack of love.  This creates blockages inside that do not allow us to fully experience our own sexual energy and experiences.  Tantra also offers healing for couples that are emotionally and physically disconnected allowing them to reconnect and grow together.  Through Tantra treatments clients are helped to heal by allowing the heart to be fully open to receive and accept ourselves and others as pure love thus gaining self-worth and self-love.  

Crystal offers a safe space for you or your partner to work on connecting and deepening relationships.  Crystal’s Tantrika methods combined with Shamanic modalities and techniques for each session are listed below.  For more detailed information on each method listed below click here.

* Tantra Smudge

* Awakening and Connecting the Senses

* Tantra Heart Therapy

* Connecting & Healing through Shamanic Journeying

* Tantrik Reiki Healing/Chakra balance

* Aura/Magnetic Field alignments

* Tantrika Temple Dancing

* Energy Healing throughTantra & Shamanic Methods

* Eye Gazing/Mirror Work

* Erotic Breathe Work

* Tantrika HealingTouch 

  Please contact me for more information and to create a session tailored to your specific needs.