Dakini quite literally means sky dancer and is someone who can help persuade enlightenment, aiding your spiritual journey. We are an intuitive force who historically people came to for healing other doctors. As a Dakini my soul exudes energy of pure love and softness, I approach every aspect of my life in this way and look forward to sharing this with you and helping you achieve your goals.

During one of my lowest points I reconnected with Mother nature and myself. While I had always had an interest in tantra and energy from a young age I had never made the time to take these interests further. Learning about myself and finally processing the feelings I had been suppressing allowed me to raise my vibrations to higher level, and I ultimately was able to overcome the addictions holding me back and developed into the person I am today.

Anyone has what it takes to make positive changes in their life and to reconnect with the mother nature’s life force around us. I am able to work with people no matter where they are in their journey, our sessions will be tailed specifically to you after a consultation.